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Our mission is to provide the toughest, cost-effective waste burners on the market.


Since 1985 we have designed and manufactured both refractory-lined pit burners and trench burners. These units provide a safe and cost effective method of disposing of wood waste in suburban or metropolitan areas. All of our units meet Air Quality Standards, reduce costs and save landfill space. The McPherson Systems air curtain burner is affordable, and is available in many different sizes to fit your project needs. Scroll down below and click “Cost” for up to date pricing on our trench burners! For refractory pit burner quotes, please call our office or send us an email at

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Engineered for Optimal Performance, Our Units Incinerate a Minimum Seven Tons of Wood Waste per Hour.


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Our Units Help Landfills Save Space by Reducing Volume of Wood Waste by Up to 97%.

Our Products

Peak-Performance Heavy Machinery

Trench Burners

Our trench burners are portable and easy to use. Set up time takes less than 15 minutes. Best of all, they’re powerful enough to burn a minimum of 7 tons per hour.

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Refractory Pit Burners

From three-phase electric to diesel units, we offer multiple options to meet your above ground burning needs. Our refractory burners get as hot as 2500°F and can burn up to 15 tons per hour (depending on size). Now that’s high-powered burning.

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Both stationary and portable units are available.