Trench Burners

*New for 2020* M25G model available!


M25G and M30G rentals are here! Contact us for availability.


New unit lead time is usually 2 weeks from confirmation of order. 

The McPherson Systems ACD (air curtain destructor/trench burner) is an alternative to open burning as a method of waste disposal. The trench burner is effective in reducing smoke and other pollutants especially where open burning is prohibited by law.


The trench burner creates and maintains a uniform curtain of air across the top of a pit in which the burning is done. The air curtain provided by the trench burner prohibits smoke and ash from leaving the pit. It also increases the burning efficiency in the pit by increasing the available oxygen. The increased burning efficiency allows for faster and more complete burning of trees, stumps and debris.

Setup and Transport:

Our trench burner is completely portable and can be set up for transport or use in 15 minutes. Unit has two axles (one with electric brakes) and trailer lights. Axles are 6 lug. The trench burner is completely portable to the jobsite by way of its own rubber tired axles. It is easily assembled for operation as the plenum section and nozzle section fasten with a quick hitch in seconds. Our trench burners can be pulled behind a heavy-duty vehicle (pintle hitch needed).



  • Nozzle section – 11 gage steel with no bolt-together sections with reinforcement at air outlets. Nozzle attaches to plenum using a patented quick hitch system.
  • Nozzle velocity – 8000 ft./min. – minimum
  • M25G nozzle length- 25 foot
  • M30G nozzle length- 30 foot


More Information:

  • M25G Air volume minimum- 18,000 ft.3/min. at nozzle
  • M30G Air volume minimum- 25,000 ft.3/min. at nozzle
  • Unit is powered by a current EPA tier diesel engine. Please call for current blower specifications.
  • Plenum section – 12 gage steel construction with self-sealing fireproof connection to the nozzle.


Burn rate per hour:

  • M25G- 4-6 tons per hour
  • M30G- 6-8 tons per hour

M25G- 25 Foot Nozzle

M30G- 30 Foot Nozzle

Questions? Give us a call, we’re happy to assist.